KingofShops™ Customer Journey

Keeping the registration process  simple ensures appointment booking and show rates
are high.

 step1 Step 1

The customer’s first interaction with the tool is via the Calendar Interface. We can create a unique landing page for each retail location, or utilise the dropdown location choose and locate the tool within a store locator page.

The process for booking is simple and intuitive. Once a store is chosen from the dropdown, appointment dates appear in the calendar below.

A user simply selects the available date of their choice and the pre-configured available appointment times appear.

The data input fields have been kept to a minimum to ensure conversion rates are high.

 step2 Step 2

Upon completion of the form, customers are sent an email confirmation to the email address that they have provided. The confirmation email is on-brand and editable by marketing teams. The text can be adapted according to the appointment type.

The email reminds the customer that we have their contact details and they can be encouraged to attend the appointment with a unique offer.


Step 3

Precisely 24 hours before the appointment an SMS reminder is sent through to the customer. This serves 2 purposes.

1) It reminds the customer that an appointment has been confirmed and increases the likelihood of attendance.

2) Customers are prompted at this point to consider their purchases.