KingofShops™ Everyone benefits

from deeper customer relationships

Marketing Departments Store Managers Customers

Marketing Departments

A customer interface that maximizes conversion rates from online spend. Typically, retailers are focused on increasing conversions online and on providing store information so that customers can navigate to stores. KingofShops™ assists in converting the site visitor’s interest into a commitment to purchase with an appointment

KingofShops™ event scheduling gives retailers the power to boost footfall and sales during slow sales periods on a daily or weekly basis.

Transparent reporting of revenue, future appointments, and previous appointment attendance records filtered by store or reported by group or type of appointment enables marketers or store managers to apply the processes of digital optimization with far greater ease.


Store Managers

Customers who commit to appointments buy more. We enable stores to provide a premier service at off-peak times to generate more sales.

KingofShops™  event scheduling gives store managers the power to schedule future appointments during slow sales periods throughout the day or week.

SMS appointment notification for both customer and retailer ensures high ‘show’ rates.

The mobile reporting interface for shop managers enables appointment sales to be updated easily with product and revenue.



The 1-page, 1-click customer interface makes it easy for customers to book appointment slots.

The premier service guarantees higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Email confirmation of the ‘booking’ give details of easy access to mapped location and time slot

SMS appointment notification 24 hours before the appointment time reminds customers to consider purchases before the event.