KingofShops™ Improve Efficiencies

across the business.



Maximise in-store resources & website traffic from existing budgets.



Attribute footfall to digital channels. Generate store performance data.


Increase revenue. Test & optimise for growth.



Improve Efficiencies

Work efficiently

Digital reporting techniques typically used for the performance measurement of online marketing can now be applied to in-store, offline revenue.

KingofShops™‎ cements the relationship between on- and offline retail, making the most of online traffic to boost offline sales.

Online efficiency is improved as existing traffic sources reach ‘appointment’ goals.  In-store personnel can respond to interest generated online.

Gain Understanding

The Kingofshops reporting suite and API integration with Google

Analytics enables retailers to attribute offline sales to online traffic at the keyword level. Store appointment performance can be monitored and customized to improve attendance rates. Future Bookings can be monitored and supply easily increased. Filtering data store by store enables resources within stores to be optimsed and the maximum revenue leveraged.


Test event types: personal shopping assistants, evening showcases and exclusive events can all deepen the relationship with the customer and generate higher revenue.

Attribution of offline revenue to online media sheds light on value and enables greater optimization.