KingofShops™ Marketing KingofShops

With existing budget lines


Site Extensions


‘Personal shopping advice’ sitelinks can improve CTR’s and lower CPC’s and drive high quality traffic.

keywordsBroaden Keywords Lists

Broaden your target market with specific keywords  in unique ad groups that showcase your appointment services.

Keywords should reflect the event theme.

As you raise awareness of an event through existing traffic, expand your campaigns to pick up on subsequent searches and deliver the user to a landing page with the booking tool.


Social Integration


Increase awareness of your events among your existing customers.

Give your attendees the opportunity to share details of their appointment via social channels.

Encourage conversation around your premier service.



Utilise existing remarketing tags to reach users who have arrived on the page but not converted.

Remarket to customers who have attended appointments at a future date to generate repeat business.

Remarketing Lists against Search ads.

Location Extensions


Use Enhanced Campaigns to bid up events at local stores at an ad group level and generate more awareness among customers near the store.